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Image 0 of Sailor packer with Your Choice HarnessTSW Packing Harnesswith jock/rear straps leg straps from behindJock style straps from behind

Sailor packer with Your Choice Harness


Our soft pack with packing harness combo features a GV Sailor packer and either a TKW PackNStrap Packing Harness or our AllnOne Sport harness.

In the re design of the Sailor they have brought back the firm inner core rod from previous design. It feels and looks great.

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Care: Wash in mild soap and water, and pat dry. Once the soft pack is completely dry, sprinkle with a small amount of Cyber Packer Dust to keep it from becoming/staying sticky.

--TKW PacknStrap packing harness made with 2" soft knitted elastic waistband, and 3/4" jock style straps with 1.25" C ring and ball cage to hold your Sailor secure. Comes in either black or white and is made for packing only.

--The AllnOne Sport harness comes with a 1" strong yet soft braided elastic and ball cage. Options include color choice, and either leg or jock style system.This harness can be used for packing, STP or play.

The Sailor packer works best in packing underwear with an insert or if you use a harness, the C ring must not be tight around the shaft and this packer needs a ball cage or it will fall thru the C ring and/or the weight of the shaft and C ring will put pressure on the shaft, creating a tear. - UA-24536345-1