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TW Pack N Strap Jockstrap - Regular

Shown in Rainbow Lightning.  We stock Navy and Black

TW Pack N Strap Jockstrap - Regular


This jockstrap features a wide, comfortable 2" black elastic waistband and soft, sturdy leg straps. A spandex/nylon outer layer holds the packer snug against the groin. These come with a liner that holds the packer inside the pouch, and a security strap. You can put your packer in the pouch, and for extra security, you can slide the shaft thru the security strap. The sizes and colors we have in stock are listed.

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We stock sizes S-XL.
It is very important to order the correct size. The waist sizing of the Jockstrap will not stretch beyond the size listed. If in doubt, order up a size, it will fit you better than attempting to stretch the smaller size beyond it's ability. Ex: if you have a 31" waist, order a size 32. We do not accept returns for products that have failed due to incorrect sizing.

Due to the spandex/nylon outer layer, we recommend that your jockstrap be hand or machine washed in cold water and line dried. This fabric should not be put into the dryer. A nylon mesh bag should be used when machine washing in order to prevent the jockstrap from becoming tangled in the agitator unit. TSW Enterprises and TranZwear are not responsible for damage to your machine or jockstrap if you choose to machine wash your garment. - UA-24536345-1