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Due to holiday overload, we are not taking current orders for any of the custom line. Check back after the holidays.

The Anaconda is our longest soft pack, and features a natural looking shaft over a defined ball pack. It is available as a packer, PacknPlay or Dildo, in multiple colors and offers a custom painted option in light colors only.

If you are placing an order from the custom packers, STPs or PacknPlays by TME/TSW, please be aware that the timeline for it's production, especi

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Hand Painted option
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The Anaconda is made with 100% platinum silicone. It features a rough, natural looking shaft over a defined ball pack. Visible veins and small imperfections hide marks from use. Available as a packer, pack n play or dildo. The TME/TSW line of products are not eligible for discount or cancellation once the order is placed. This item may have small holes and imperfections in the skin. This is normal for silicone molding. Dimensions: Shaft length 7.25 inches Shaft circumference 4.50 inches Ball pack width 2.50 inches Base height 4.00 inches Weight 10.1 oz Shipping weight 15 oz The dildo is hard. The shaft is erect and will not lay down. It is meant for penetration. The pack n play is in between. The shaft is semi-hard and will lay down if pushed. Can be worn for packing under heavy garments like jeans. The texture of the shaft, however, is firm enough that it can be used for penetration. Can be used with harnesses, packing underwear Color chart bottom row: flesh pink, Caucasian Color chart top row: tan, caramel, dark brown - UA-24536345-1