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Mr Limpy Packer w/ AllnOne Sport Harness combo

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Mr Limpy Packer w/ AllnOne Sport Harness combo


This combo comes with your choice of Mr Limpy Packer and the AllnOne Sport Harness. The AllnOne Sport harness works for Packing, STP and Play. The All in One Harness is made with a braided knit elastic for the best strength and comfort. The waistband features a 1" inch braided elastic and 3/4 inch knitted leg straps to provide support whether you are packing, playing or using STP.

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Leg Design
Ring size
Optional Ball Cage
Velcro closure on waistband
Packer color
Packer size
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The Mr Limpy is made for packing only, we have PacknPlay and STP's on other pages under those titles.

Comes with your choice of Mr Limpy, size and color optional

The drop ring is supported by a double layer design on the waistband.
Great sport harness for under gym shorts or for working out. Secure, yet comfortable fit.

Leg design disclosure: This product is available in either a rear strap or thigh strap design. Since rear straps pull down through the pubic area, this design will cause the ring and ball cage to sit on the lower pubic area. The thigh strap design pulls out to the side, resulting in the ring and ball cage sitting on the upper pubic area.

Available in sizes 28-54.

Options include color, leg design, ring size, optional ball cage and velcro closure. If you pack with a GV Sailor, you need to add a ball cage. - UA-24536345-1