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We have experienced sewists to make your gear to your specifications. We also use high end professional materials, including professional grade elastic and actual Cock rings, thick and made to last, not thin Home Depot plumbing "O" rings that are inexpensive and will snap after a few uses of taking your packer in and out of the ring. If spending your hard earned dollars on products that will last is important, you've come to the right place. We set our standards high, we won't provide you items that we wouldn't use ourselves. Nothing goes out without being tested by members of the community who have given their feedback and thumbs up to the final design.

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I quickly respond to all product/order related questions via email 7 days a week. If you don't get a response the same day/within 24hrs, it means I didn't get it, please send it again. Please don't attempt to hit "reply" to your confirmation receipt as it will bounce due to the receipt coming from the store/our webhost. Please send it to one of the addresses listed below. We pride ourselves on our customer service, everyone deserves speedy response time to inquiries.




Recent  comments:

How did you hear about us? Comments/Questions?: The products are made with care and last long, I always tell my trans friends about Tranzwear because everything is at an affordable price. I’ve been coming back for years because each time I order something I get the same great quality.

From a parent whom we worked with to get her 6 yr old child into a pair of packing swim briefs/ and age/size appropriate packer so he could feel confident up on the swim podium, in the pool and locker room with his teammates.

"Den..I can’t reiterate enough how well the speedo worked this summer on swim team.  Aaron looked just like all the other boys.  He won first place medals left and right and we were secretly high five-ing on the inside because its an even bigger deal to us than just first place.  Thanks for giving us the ability to have Aaron swim so freely with no fear of a wardrobe malfunction or embarrassment in the locker room." 

I appreciate the professionalism and great service you've provided. Your thoroughness and customer support is refreshing.
Best regards,

Thank you Den. Your team rocks with quality work. Thank you for all you do for us. JM

I got my order today! I have to say I absolutely adore the AC trunks. I will definitely be ordering more of those!!
Today was the most comfortable underwear day I’ve had in a long time.

Love Tranzwear! I feel more like myself in my own skin because of your products!

You have the best shipping rates for Canada, and the best variety of affordable packers! Thanks!

Really happy that I've found a site that can provide packers at a cheaper price than other sites. Great for transguys on a budget. Thanks so much! SS

You are cheaper and have more options than ALL the other trans- gear sites. keep it up! EP

I am very pleased with my order of 3 Alfani Performance Boxer Briefs! I’m a big fan of the Jock Pocket insert. I use the NYTC Pierre packer (regular and large) and they both fit very comfortably. I loved the way it felt so much, I fell asleep while packing for the first time. These boxer briefs have given me the gift of packing without anxiety. The customer service I received while trying to figure shipping/delivery info was fantastic. I ordered them on July 1st and received them on July 27th. I 100% believe that these products are worth the wait. I am completely overjoyed with my purchase.

From a mom of a young trans boy:
We just received the STP that we ordered and I have to say- you are a class act. My 5 year old is elated to have something so high quality that is size appropriate. The harness is perfect, the package was adorable. Thank you- for more than words can say.

I found you Google, and you were featured on multiple lists. I tried your products once before and loved them, so i'm back for more! Only site that makes packing custom underwear and your prices rock!

I just wanted to say thank you for my order.  Being in the UK it is really difficult to get decent packers.
In fact it is near impossible to anything except the Mr Limpy or random others that have no reviews of
any kind or if they do they are negative. Any way, thank you again for a totally smooth ride! I decided to go with Tranzwear because of your reputation and you have surpassed that. Thank you for the bonus items that you included. Always nice to get little surprises! I certainly use you guys again. SC

Your prices are amazing! I love your deals and how accommodating you are to your customers. You provide so much information in order to avoid mistakes. I love it! MMc

 You were beyond helpful in making sure the items I ordered were what I was looking for and exactly what I needed. Since so many businesses these days could care less whether or not this happens, I was delightfully surprised and excited to be supported in such a kind and professional way. I'm a big guy and there was never a time that you made me feel that making x-larger items was a hassle or problem for your team, you just wanted the gear to fit and be comfortable. Making suggestions of options that in the long run made the harness fit better and more comfortable were perfect. You have no idea the level of ease this provided. You made me feel that your goal was for me to feel comfortable in my skin no matter the extra effort it would be to make. I have more thanks than I am able to express.

I was pleasantly surprised to receive my order today!  That was a super fast trip from CA to NJ! I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the wonderful customer service you provided, and excellent product quality as well. Not only were my products beyond my expectations, but it was nice to have a nice and sincere person responding personally to inquiries. I will definitely be returning for more orders shortly, and just wanted to say thank you for helping me feel comfortable in my own skin! J

You are seriously a man of your word, which sadly is very rare these days. The Binder came on Monday and Boxers just arrived. Both are great! Thank you for the packing dust. Thanks again for everything! I will definitely be back. JJ

I received my new boxers yesterday when I got home from work!  Very cool and work great!   Thank you for the discount for next time, and I appreciate the customer service throughout this order.  Thanks again...

Just received delivery of my order and want to say: THANK YOU!
Thanks for the speedy processing, professionalism, and product quality! I shopped with another company in the past and they just can't compare with you any of those issues. I got into STP's because for work I have to use some seriously gnarly bathrooms on a daily basis. My boifriend uses his for different reason but likes your product as much as me. So - thanks again!

I am very happy with the order and they fit very good. My luck you mail it on the 7th of Jan and I got it the 11 of Jan. that is fast for US to AUS.  I will tell everyone about your store and let them know 
you work to make people as happy as you can. 
signed happy customer

Thanks again for your timely turn around  ....I like your products, your attitude towards our community.

I have been on the market for a packer/STP since the beginning of the year. Finding reviews that feature detailed information on all the functions is almost impossible. I have spent hours, days, weeks, months looking for something to fit my needs. I spent a lot of money on various devices and prosthetics.  Waited long grueling months waiting for orders to come in with no communication from the company as to if I would ever receive my order.
Nothing I ordered really fulfilled my needs. So the search continued. I had been looking at the TSW packer line and found mixed reviews. After much searching I found the TSW Diamondback firm STP packer with painted head on TranZwear!  I ordered it immediately but in my rush I had picked the wrong (slower) shipping method and I was moving in a week! I emailed them ASAP and explained the situation and asked if my shipping could be changed. By the time I had woken up the next day I had an email from Den saying it wasn't a problem and he would print my label the next day at the latest. An hour later I received another email that my order was prepared for shipping. I was thrilled with the customer service! As for the TSW Diamondback firm STP, I am in love with it, perfect weight, feel, fit, and the STP part is super easy with an amazing realistic stream! Just tuck it under the balls when not in use and it gives a nice realistic bulge and grab feel. Thank you Tranzwear for such a wonderful shopping experience, I am one happy genderqueer

I wanted to let you know that I received my package today. Thank you so much for providing such amazing products for Trans guys. The boxers are such great quality and last quite awhile. Thanks for answering my questions, and getting back to me so quickly. To everyone at Tranzwear, you all are awesome! Excellent customer service for sure, I will now be a loyal customer and I'll definitely spread the word in my little neck of the woods.
 I just had one of those long, mind-numbing days at work, and your package made my day! I want to thank you because you have been more than generous and kind about this whole experience. I will absolutely be purchasing from you in the future. I hope you're having a wonderful day, you deserve it.

I wanted to let you know I received my order and once again I'm absolutely happy with it! Thank you so much for providing such a great service and product for guys like me. You do amazing work and so appreciate it!
J from Canada

Wow. Thanks so much! I appreciate your follow up. You treat your customers with much respect unlike some others I have dealt with. You will definitely be keeping my business!

I just got my packing boxer briefs and briefs with the Snuggler insert in the mail today. I am very impressed. They fit me great (i'm a smaller guy) and they hold my packer right where I want it. I feel so much more confident now. Thank you for your amazing service and products.
-D*****(my preferred name)

I'm sorry I didn't send you an email sooner! Everything about the Gecko packers is awesome and the quality of each day has improved so much with the packing underwear to hold it in place. Thank you so much for everything you helped me with! I truly appreciate your dedication to customer service.JG

Just wanted to let you know that my order arrived earlier today. I am so excited that this all worked out. I can't wait to try them out! Thanks for all your help. Your customer service is really spectacular! Looking forward to ordering from you again soon. TA

I wanted to thank you personally for the effort you put forth towards my shipment. My package arrived today and I am completely thrilled with the quality of the products! The fit of both the swim trunks and the swim briefs were snug and comfortable, but they are still held in place perfectly -- I am very happy with that! I will be referring my buddies to you as well as returning as a customer myself.
Best of Luck,

I think your products are great and wear them every day.  Transguys like me are grateful that guys like you are in business, making the stuff we need. MM
Awesome! Thanks so much.  I will most definitely make sure to follow your advice when I'm taking my packer in and out of the harness. And thanks for the info on STPs.
I'll be sure to send my buddies your way! Great products and even better customer service--I definitely appreciate that.

I received the boxer briefs and the packer today and I love the way the boxers hold the limpy packer in place. They are extremely comfortable and I don't feel concerned that the packer is gonna fall out. I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my order, and I'll be back soon for more. KC

Den, I just got the briefs and the STP packer. They are both amazing, the STP packer is way easier and better than the ****** I had before. I will definitely be ordering more products from you. Again I love my products.

REVIEW: TranZwear
Hey guys, this is a review specifically for queer/transguys. So if that’s not you feel free to skip over.
Today I’m going to be talking about TranZwear, an online company based in San Francisco. TranZwear offers a huge selection of clothing and gear at very affordable prices - and as far as I know, they do it all themselves! I don’t normally write reviews, but after I got an email from Den (the owner of TranZwear) in response to some thanks I mentioned, I agreed TranZwear deserves better publicity, especially for queer/ftms that don’t know about this company.
Ok so before we start, everything I’m about to say is from my own experiences and on my own accord. I’ve been a repeat customer with TranZwear for about two years now, and I’ve found it easy to go back simply because they really prioritize customer service and affordable pricing.
Products I have experience with:
Underwear - TranZwear has everything from budget briefs to harnesses and even swimwear and gym shorts. Essentially, if you’re having a hard time getting quality, affordable undies, hit TranZwear up. They stay pretty close to “normal” underwear (especially in comparison to some high-end queer/trans clothing sites - Rodeoh, for instance. Don’t get me wrong, Rodeoh is quality, but if you’re like me, it’s rough dropping +$35 on one piece of underwear…) by modifying typical store-bought underwear. The end result is easy, “stealth” packing/stp-compatible clothing. I’ve only ever bought underwear from them so I can’t vouch for their binders but again, a far more budget price than many other stores I can think of (my favorite high end binders were from GC2B, and that’s at least twice what TranZwear sells). One packing accessory I really liked is the EZ Bulge for days wearing a packer is too troublesome or uncomfortable. Sometimes that’s 90% of the time. If you’re not rolling in cash, want packing without the weight, then check out the EZ Bulge. It’s easily modifiable to fit your anatomy/build, and it costs $10
When ordering underwear, you get a choice of colors dependent on what they have available in stock. TranZwear has been really good about listening to these preferences. Read the website descriptions, ask questions, and communicate about your order, and I think you’ll be extremely satisfied.
STP devices - TranZwear also makes their own STPs through some clever modifications of “soft” packers and tubing. The result is again, lower pricing, for decent results. As you can probably tell with the theme here, the company excels at offering very good quality products at a decent price.
Regular Clearance items - TranZwear will frequently discount overstock or end-of-stock items. Watch the clearance area for something you might like at even lower prices than normal!
Grooming Products by Orange Fuzz - So one thing that’s really cool about TranZwear is they offer, if available, free samples of organic products from Orange Fuzz (started by couple in the queer community). I love that these products are environmentally-conscious. And check this out! They even have “face cleansers made just for that nagging acne that T can bring on.” Honestly, that would have been really useful when I first started T so if this you right now, check it out.
Shopping Experience:
Excellent customer service - these folks are professional, friendly, and sincere.
Efficient order fulfillment - they really work hard to get your orders out and delivered to you as fast as possible. I’m often surprised at how efficient they can be considering that they’re probably not a very large company. Usually I except my order in 2-3 weeks, and I will usually get it sooner. However, I don’t take that for granted! I’m pretty sure they state somewhere on the website/after checkout it does take some time. They do their best, but remember these people are human too.
Generous freebies - my first experience with these people ended on a strong positive note because I didn’t expect to be offered an Orange Fuzz sample (e.g. organic soap I think in my case) AND condom/lube. I felt that this company’s really working hard to advocate safe sex and being earth-friendly. Like wow, right?
Decent product quality - As previously covered, the products they sell are very decent, especially for the price. Some people might be like, well I can sew/make that myself, and yeah that’s true. As with many things, it’s possible to be self-sustainable. I like TranZwear because they’re reliable and affordable, so it’s worth it to me to buy from them, trusting their work and service, versus spending my own time to do it when I just suck at sewing ¯_(ツ)_/¯ But that’s just me
This isn’t the prettiest website I’ve ever seen, and I’m only making a note of it because we often judge whether sites are trustworthy based on appearance - I don’t know why, but we do. I think it made me a little cautious the first time I was shopping with them cause I was worried the company was a scam and I’d be ripped off, but you can rest assured, they’re for real. The website is very functional if not pretty, and I’m not sure if they have plans to improve or redo it, but you should have no problems finding what you need. It might just take you some digging around. If you need help finding things, PM me or send them a quick email. I haven’t experienced any difficulties using it to shop (i.e. cart memory, updating quantity, checking out and paying all work as expected).

So this ends my short shout out to TranZwear - thanks for doing what you can for the queer community! review:

YouTube reviews:

In the words of our customers …

....I am very pleased with my most recent purchase (Snuggler cotton brief) & am ordering another one in a different color, and thought I'd try the other 2 styles. - Thanks for your brilliant contribution to the community!!.   SG

"....The package arrived today, so only 8 days from US to UK. I am really pleased with the trunks and the packer! The trunks are exactly what I was looking for. Thank you for the products and the outstanding service. I will definitely recommend you to people. I'm moving to Australia in October so will pass the word around."  - AR

"...thanks for the reply and wonderful service.  Thank you soooo much for this ingenuous product.  For the first time this week I packed w/ your underwear and it felt totally natural.  No packing strap, do rubbing and no discomfort!  You don't know how important that is and made me feel....or maybe you do :-)"
KC, California

Good afternoon Rainbow, I just wanted to say thank you for adding another reputable business for our community. It's nice to go to sites like yours and Tranzwear and not see all the unprofessional postings about other businesses and people in our community. I know the former owner of Tranzwear has always provided our community with great community support.  Our yahoo groups here in NC have added TRANZWEAR to our group links. Thanks again for being a positive role model in our community. It was great to read that you TSW and Tranzwear have joined an alliance to better our community in a professional capacity.Thanks again-Tim B

The snuggler is a great pair of boxers. Keeps me snug and close to my packer, I have a natural flow look and appearance. You can even sleep in these boxers never losing touch with yourself and who you really are. Can't wait to try out the C-Ring.     R.G. El Paso, TX

Your gear is awesome and I want to thank you so much for the excellent customer service!
You're my top recommendation if anyone asks me where to get their tranz stuff!  Kevin, Arkansas

I think this is the best web site and product I've seen for the F2M community. The snuggler is a great pair of boxers, I also feel the C-Ring is great also. The fact that I can not only express myself openly, but my partner can express herself when I wear my packer with the C-Ring Boxers. Thank you, Devin, CA

The c-ring works great once you get the idea of it. Learning how to pack without all the straps and pins is a little difficult at first. Now I have the hang of it. I pack my briefs, shower and off for the day. It's fun for partner play as well. I have a more natural look and it feels good to show off my stuff to the ladies and when my mood strikes to hang left or right, I can without worry.   
T. B., Colorado

Love the snuggler, positions properly and appears very natural. I can pack and go. I ordered the packer specific size and can use all my sizes with comfort.     D.G., TX

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