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Pack N Strap STP Harness

Front view-STP

Pack N Strap STP Harness


Our Pack N Strap STP Harness features a wide, comfortable waistband with sturdy leg straps. Three individually sewn elastic straps support a rubber c-ring suitable for an STP within a soft pack. The 1-1/4" c-ring is positioned 7 inches below the top of the waistband so that the STP sits on the lower pubic area.

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This item is meant to be used with STPs contained within a soft pack. It has an elastic strap "cage" which securely holds the ball pack of the STP.

The ring should sit right on the lower area of the pelvic bone, not above or on top of it. This is so the receptacle that the STP makers are using does not push the STP forward.

The STP Harness is designed to be worn above the hip, below the waistline. The size of your STP receptacle will determine how the STP is held within the harness.

NOTE on Sizing:
We make our jockstraps and harnesses from scratch based on your specifications. We have a standard way that we make our garments; the harnesses are designed to fit lower on the hips than the jockstraps. Please let us know if you intend to wear your item differently, so we can make sure it fits your needs. We always welcome measurements in the comments section when ordering to help us customize your order.

When ordering one of The Pack and Strap jockstraps or harnesses, the waist sizes listed in the drop-down boxes are true measurements. Because our garments are meant to secure a soft pack during sports and other physical activity, we make them to fit snug on the body without binding. If you have any question about your proper size, please use a tape measure to check your measurements. If you order a size 34, it is meant to fit a 34 inch waist. It is not meant to fit a waist size larger than 34. If you fall in between sizes, please choose the next size up." - UA-24536345-1