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We are able to adjust to your size or other requests as we make all the items in-house
No off the shelf packing underwear or harnesses
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DO NOT PLACE AN ORDER IF YOU ARE UNDER 18-WE WILL CANCEL and REFUND. We are a small community based shop, and our goal is to provide medically necessary transitional products to customers of legal age. If you are underage, we empathize with your need for transitional items, but we cannot get involved with you and your family's communication regarding your transition. If your purchase is discovered/opened by someone other than you and you are underage, or you use a card that does not belong to you or you don't have permission to use, it creates a problem for everyone. Don't put us in that position.

Due to the personal nature-health and sanitary reasons/and or customization of our products we cannot accept satisfaction returns. Please contact us prior to purchase if you have any questions. 


              We have the largest selection and the best prices of Packers
                    Check out them all out on our Packer Locker tab
               From the old standby Mr Limpy to the new Packer Gear
                                                We've got them all!!!

                                                           Mr limpy, Packer Gear, PackIT, Sailor

                                                                               Gecko by TSW

                                                     Considering pumping? Pre or Post Meta?
                                                  or just because you want to enhance your junk?
We're the only shop to now have a cylinder that was made just with you in mind. This new cylinder is 1.5" diameter x 3" depth with a flared base. Other cylinders were orginally manufactured as "nipple" cylinders and we made due, but this new size was made just for FTM's and our changing bodies.
We have great low prices, sold with a vacuum pump or by themselves if you already have a pump: By clicking here  :  Or Click on our PUMPS tab


                                                                       New 1.5" vs 1"

                                      Have we got a deal for you!
Athletic style boxer brief plus +++++ Packer combo for only $19.95
Yes you heard that right....secure packing underwear PLUS a packer for under $20...!!!!!
Check out the link under Sale, or Athletic Boxer briefs or Boxer Brief Sale!

Click here

We are also offering another combo: the new Puma Athletic Boxer Briefs with BulletBriefs insert and a Packer Gear Packer Starting at $21.95
Find them HERE



Similar to RodeOH but OH So much better pricing!!!
Don't pay $49 for a pair of PacknPlay Boxer/Briefs!
We buy in bulk and get better pricing
Starting at $19.95

New HandHeld STP

 Silicone shaft with ease of spoon receptacle

Lifelike feel/shaft , Flexible, easy to use/store, discrete

Two sizes, soon to have multiple colors

Find them HERE


Introducing: Arrow STP

                                     Similar to our Cyclone nipple based STP, Arrow comes with an angled tip,
allowing the STP to conform to your body at correct angle without bending tubing or receptacle
New pricing for all STP's-TKW Spoon STP starting at $21.95!!!

We are always adding new gear!
This week, we've added
Puma, Umbro Athletic, Alfani Performance
Champion Athletic and New Balance Boxer Briefs
Umbro in combo packs of 1, 2 or 3 Here


 perfect for the gym, sports or casual wear
moisture wicking, cool and dry
       Option added with BulletBriefs packing inserts
                       for secure confident packing
                       Listed under BulletBriefs underwear tab             

             Also check out our Athletic Boxer Brief w/TKW harness-ON SALE $10.95

                                 listed under Sale or Athletic Boxer Briefs                      

Another new product added to the
 BulletBrief Underwear line
Introducing -Helux
BoxerBrief, Brief and Short Leg BoxerBrief
Athletic styling, moisture wicking material with unique fly
split criss-cross access for STP use
Contoured pouch for natural packing look

We now have the Whiz STP!
Made from Whiz Freedom based out of the UK!

Using either Mr Limpy, Packer Gear or the new PackIT!

in all sizes 5"-8.5"

in Mr Limpy, Packer Gear Vanilla, Caramel or PackIT Vanilla/Brown or Dark Brown

        ~New Packer! Made in US...add this one to your gear locker~
                                                    Packer Gear
Two sizes, two colors
Find it in our Packer Locker


Combine this with our reduced shipping 

You'll find ours to be among the


                                       *****New Jocks! *****
Just in from
                                              Justus Boyz, Activeman and Aussie Bum
perfect for under gym clothes or cool under jeans in summer weather
                            comes with secure packing insert by BulletBriefs


                                  Aussie Bum      Signature by Activeman  Justus Boyz


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