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We have experienced sewists to make your gear to your specifications. We also use high end professional materials, including professional grade elastic and actual Cock rings, thick and made to last, not thin Home Depot plumbing "O" rings that are inexpensive and will snap after a few uses of taking your packer in and out of the ring. If spending your hard earned dollars on products that will last is important, you've come to the right place. We set our standards high, we won't provide you items that we wouldn't use ourselves. Nothing goes out without being tested by members of the community who have given their feedback and thumbs up to the final design.

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TranZwear > Budget Boxer Briefs, Trunks, & Briefs-SALE!
At last! Understanding that everyone has different budget/buying abilities, we try to offer a range of pricing and quality for our products. We have found a solid source of budget priced boxer briefs that we can offer at low prices and bundle together for 3 packs. Budget priced does not always mean the lowest grade in quality or materials however. Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality pair of budget style underwear that we can get for the low dollar pricing, adding our solid custom workmanship to create a lasting product. A notch above so to speak. We will continue to seek out quality brand name underwear and shorts for our other styles that we offer. All that being said, budget brand and priced underwear is made of lesser quality materials. They will not last as long wash/drying as better quality made underwear. Expect to get about 3-6 months of regular wear from this style and priced underwear. Better made, higher priced underwear can last up to a year with the same use. Even tho we attempt to purchase and use a higher grade of the budget priced underwear, they will not last as long as underwear made with higher priced and/or branded underwear.

 Our two styles, Floater and Snuggler are similar whereas they keep your packer securely in a pouch within your boxer briefs. The difference is that the Floater has the ability to do just that, move/Float, within reason within the confines of you pants or jeans, allowing you to place it where you want, without worrying about it falling out. The Floater is secured at the top of the waistband. The pressure of your pants keeps it in place.
The Snuggler, however, is secured like the Floater, but also along the fly as well, so that the packer has minimal movement within the pants. The pouch is secured on 3 sides. As always, the amount of movement you will have with your packer, no matter which insert, all depends on what size packer and what type of pants you are wearing over the underwear. Jeans have the least amount of movement, gym shorts will have more movement.
No matter which style you choose, the packer cannot leave your boxers, you can rest assured it will stay where you left it, no accidents in Aisle 7 at Safeway or bending over at the water cooler at work (do they still have water coolers?) Nevertheless, no worries, you can
*********"Pack with Confidence"*********

***due to the already low pricing, no promo codes will be allowed on these items****

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Athletic Boxer Brief & Packer

Special pricing! Boxer/Packer combo
Made with moisture wicking material that dries quickly. The waistband rests just above your hips, leg band hits your upper thigh. You get your choice of one of 3 BulletBrief inserts. Comes with a PackerGear, or the new Performance 5" Packer.

Price: $28.95  Sale Price: $21.95  You Save: $7.00 (24%)


Athletic Boxer Brief w/ TKW Pack Right Harness-SALE!

Special pricing!
The Natural or Commando is now available in sizes S-XL in athletic style Boxer Briefs. Made with moisture wicking material that dries quickly. The waistband rests just above your hips, leg band hits your upper thigh. A TKW PackRight harness, made of soft elastic and nylon, holds the packer in a 1 1/4" c-ring with or without specially designed ball cage. If you pack with GV Sailor, you need a ball cage to hold your packer securely.

Price: $19.95  Sale Price: $12.95  You Save: $7.00 (35%)


PacknGo- w / Premium Ringer Boxer Brief

Cotton blend new Premium Style Ringer boxer briefs in fun colors, ringer colors that border the boxer briefs, are customized for packing. We use Hanes, Stafford and Champion to fill this product. All similar cotton boxer briefs with colorful ringer piping.
We create a secure pouch using the fly on the boxers/brief and add a C ring w/w/o a ball cage for further security. A ball cage will prevent the packer from spinning in the C ring as well as added support.

Price: $19.95  Sale Price: $12.95  You Save: $7.00 (35%)


Premium Ringer or Alfani Boxer Briefs

On sale!
Alfani-Exclusive brand of Macy's. Well made quality cotton based boxer brief. True to size. Asst colors and black, grey, blues, most solids, some stripes or
Premium Ringer Boxer Briefs by Hanes, Stafford or Champion
Comfort Flex� waistband keeps its shape wash after wash.
Supersoft ring spun cotton wicks away moisture to keep you cool and dry.
Leg bands that won't ride up guaranteed.
Tag-free for extra comfort.
Fabric Cont

Price: $17.95  Sale Price: $121.95  You Save: $-104.00 (-579%)


2(X)ist Sport Briefs

2(x)ist Sport contour briefs
Elasticized logo waistband sits at hip, contour pouch to give you that natural bulge
100% Cotton
Machine wash cold, tumble dry low
Comes with your choice of BulletBriefs inserts, 3 choices
Due to briefs having a smaller area for packer insert, these are best worn with a SM to MED sized packer, larger that 6" will be a tighter fit.
Variety colors: Black, Blues


AllnOne Boxers/Trunks w/ packer

NEW ITEM! Great pair of mens boxer briefs or trunks that come with a EZ packer already within a pouch in the boxers. No need to add a silicone/TPE packer nor carry the weight. These come with an EZ packer already in the boxers. You can remove to wash. Trim it down to fit your body type. Packer has penis imprint to show off your bulge. We are growing our inventory of boxers and trunks for this item. They come in variety of colors, let us know in comments. Black, Grey, Navy

Price: $29.95  Sale Price: $21.95  You Save: $8.00 (27%)


Button Fly Boxer Briefs- Great for STP!

We found a few brands who now make a soft knit cotton boxer brief with button fly. This is the answer to STP use! Easy to undo one or two of the buttons to access your STP without having to flip down your waistband. Thru the gate rather than over the fence they
We offer a couple types of inserts to hold your packer/STP making it accessible to seal to your body while holding the shaft outside the fly.


Button Fly Boxer Briefs- Great for STP!

We found a few brands who now make a soft knit cotton boxer brief with button fly. This is the answer to STP use! Easy to undo one or two of the buttons to access your STP without having to flip down your waistband. Thru the gate rather than over the fence they
We offer a couple types of inserts to hold your packer/STP making it accessible to seal to your body while holding the shaft outside the fly.


Camo Boxer Briefs

Comes in Hanes Camo print that is a cotton blend with a boxer brief leg,. See photos
Your choice of packing insert.
Tranzwear Floater, Snuggler or TKW Packright harness with or without a ball cage. A ball cage helps support the packer in the C ring and prevents it from spinning in the C ring.

Price: $19.95  Sale Price: $12.95  You Save: $7.00 (35%)


Cotton Boxer Shorts

Boxer shorts for use as underwear or house lounging. You can choose from packing insert of the Floater, sewn only at waistband, Snuggler, sewn at 3 sides for less movement, Jock Pocket with O ring, or our PackRight harness, a V shaped harness with C ring with/without a ball cage. Be aware that these types of underwear are the least secure, as the weight of the packer will pull down, as well as the packer will move about due to style of boxers.

Price: $11.95  Sale Price: $9.95  You Save: $2.00 (17%)


Econo Briefs- 2 pack

Passing along the savings to you. You get a 2- pack of cotton briefs with our Snuggler design, secure packing pouch sewn inside the brief. Some have fly, XXSM/XSM do NOT but have, flat front, European style The look of packing in a brief, due to limited pouch size is very evident, AND secure. No worries about you leaving your packer behind. These work best with a smaller packer, 3-4" Large packers may not look or fit as well since briefs have less material to hold the pack

Price: $19.95  Sale Price: $16.95  You Save: $3.00 (15%)


Econo- Boxer Brief- 3 pack

You guys asked for a budget priced boxer brief, and we listened.
This is a 3-pack, XSM/2XLG, our choice of mix of colors unless you indicate. We'll do our best to fill with your colors. Comes stock insert of Floater, or you can upgrade to Snuggler or PackRight Harness, or any one of the 3 BulletBriefs insert. All will keep your packer secure.

Price: $44.95  Sale Price: $33.99  You Save: $10.96 (24%)


Econo-Boxer Brief

You guys asked for a budget priced boxer brief, and we listened. Here you have our Econo-line- comes as priced with the Floater insert, which allows your packer to move freely on the inside of the boxer brief, allowing easy positioning and adjustment., yes securely enclosed in the pouch. This item starts at $11.99, other insert designs will add to the cost of the basic underwear.

Price: $17.95  Sale Price: $11.95  You Save: $6.00 (33%)


Helux Briefs-Perfect for STP use!

SPECIAL BUY!! New great add to the BulletBrief lineup of products.
Brief with an athletic fit. Features a contoured ergonomic pouch with elastic to accommodate any size packer that is both supportive and enhancing with an easy access central split elastic fly for STP use. Made out of cotton stretch with a soft and smooth logo waistband. 95% Cotton 5% Elastane

Sizes are form/snug fitting. If you prefer a loose fit order one size larger.

Price: $19.95  Sale Price: $9.95  You Save: $10.00 (50%)


Jockey Sport or/ Premium Ringer Boxer Briefs

On sale!
Jockey Sport: low rise provides a tailor fit, Stay dry cotton fabric helps pull moisture from your skin so you stay cool & dry. Not all have working fly's. Indicate on comments if you need fly. Or Premium Ringer cotton boxer briefs, we use Hanes, Stafford or Champion for the Ringer style with colorful ringer piping, cotton boxer briefs.
One pair per order. Limited color selection as we buy in assorted packs.

Price: $12.95  Sale Price: $11.95  You Save: $1.00 (8%)


Jockey Sport {Super Deal!}Stay Dry Boxer Briefs

Jockey� Stay Dry Stretch Boxer Briefs. We got a great deal -we are passing those deals on to you! We carry black, red, blue and grey, our choice. Please list color choice # we'll fill if we have your size. Choose from any one of the 3 BulletBriefs inserts for a secure, confident packing experience. Not all designs have a working fly, please indicate in comments if you need a style with a fly.
More you buy, the cheaper per pair they become!
1 pr. $11.95
2 pr $22.95
3 pr $33.95

Price: $19.95  Sale Price: $12.95  You Save: $7.00 (35%)


New! Hanes Support Boxer Briefs

Hanes Total Support Pouch™ Boxer Briefs have an innovative breathable mesh liner that separates and supports for the ultimate in all-day comfort. Comfort Flex Fit® stretchable fabric moves with you and is made with ultra soft, smooth and sustainable TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers.
Use for packing or STP use. We add a drop O ring to the middle of the liners to keep your packer/STP secure.
Add a ball cage for added packer support, not made for STP use.

Price: $18.95  Sale Price: $13.95  You Save: $5.00 (26%)



We use a variety of brands to make our cotton trunk line. Hanes, Dickies, Starter, Dockers and other brands could be used to fill this order, & are usually 100% cotton or a cotton blend, and tend to be looser in comparison to our athletic styling trunks. You will receive 1 pair of trunks, with either the Tranzwear insert Floater $5.95 or Snuggler $7.95, or a Drop C ring with or without a ball cage$7.95/$9.95. Some trunks have fly, others do not, no guarantee for STP use.


Trunk-Comes with Zippered pouch to hold your packer!

New Trunks. These come with double zippered pouch. Front of trunks have a discrete double zipper with large pouch to hold your packer secure. No fly access, not made for STP, packer only. Due to lightweight fabric, probably 5" max size packer. These are made from a mixed cotton/modal blend. Short leg trunk, very soft material, wrapped fabric waistband Size SM-XLG We buy in color variety, mostly dark, Black/Navy.



Great new Trunk. Cotton blend for snug fit for you and your STP/packer. Enhanced pouch to show off your stuff and keep your packer/STP where it needs to be. Comes with your choice of BulletBriefs inserts -packing or STP use, see below for description. Working fly for STP use when using AllnOne insert. Comes in multi packs, more you buy, the cheaper they come.
These run small, when in doubt, size up

Price: $15.95  Sale Price: $11.95  You Save: $4.00 (25%)

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