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We have experienced sewists to make your gear to your specifications. We also use high end professional materials, including professional grade elastic and actual Cock rings, thick and made to last, not thin Home Depot plumbing "O" rings that are inexpensive and will snap after a few uses of taking your packer in and out of the ring. If spending your hard earned dollars on products that will last is important, you've come to the right place. We set our standards high, we won't provide you items that we wouldn't use ourselves. Nothing goes out without being tested by members of the community who have given their feedback and thumbs up to the final design.

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I quickly respond to all product/order related questions via email 7 days a week. If you don't get a response the same day/within 24hrs, it means I didn't get it, please send it again. Please don't attempt to hit "reply" to your confirmation receipt as it will bounce due to the receipt coming from the store/our webhost. Please send it to one of the addresses listed below. We pride ourselves on our customer service, everyone deserves speedy response time to inquiries.




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Aqua Lube -6 foil packets

Aqua Lube : You'll receive 6 individual use packets of our great lube, Aqua Lube . Great for travel, whether overnight with that special someone, or on your great vacation. Easy to use, it has that silky slippery affect you want from a good lube. Water clean up. Aqua Lube personal lubricant is neither quickly absorbed, nor dissipated by friction or evaporation. Aqua Lube is water-based. Aqua Lube does not become sticky and can be used with any prosthetic.

Price: $4.99  Sale Price: $3.95  You Save: $1.04 (21%)


Condom/Lube packet

Latex lubricated condoms and premium lube from Jo Systems, asst colors and types. Budget priced, stock up! If you would prefer non-colored condoms, just put a comment on the order, and we'll substitute with regular condoms.

Sold as 1 pack: One pack includes one condom, one single use packet of lube.

Price: $1.50  Sale Price: $0.75  You Save: $0.75 (50%)


Custom made Packer/STP/Dildo Storage pouch

Everyone needs at least one of these to keep your silicone locker items clean and dry! Ripstop nylon pouch where you can store one packer, dildo, STP, 3in1 or 4in1, in between use or use as a safe secure travel pouch if you order with velcro or string closure. You should never store more than one item of silicone per bag, they have a chemical reaction to each other and this causes the silicone to "melt" where the two touch.


Cyber Packer Dust

Cyber-skin and silicone/silicone type products are a very porous material. Due to humidity, after you wash it, it will feel sticky when it dries. Let it air dry, do not use a cloth towel or any type of paper towel. You can keep it in a storage bag to keep it clean, but make sure it's totally dry before you do. Never store two packers together in same container. Chemical reaction of the silicone causes them to melt together.

Price: $3.99  Sale Price: $2.49  You Save: $1.50 (38%)


Cyber-Packer Dust 5 oz -Refillable

Treat your packer kindly. After washing and air-drying, lightly dust your packer with our organic potato and corn-starch dust in this handy shaker jar It comes with a shaker spice lid. This is for a 5 oz refillable shaker jar filled with our Cyber packer dust with an option of refill. We now have this refillable dust in Stainless Steel with open hole shake lid.


Drop C ring insert w/ options

This initial price is for an insert of a C-ring on a 6" piece of 3/4" elastic drop. You have multiple options that can enhance and add security.
C -ring size-1.25" is standard packer size, 1.50" packnplay/STP and up to 1.75-2.0" for dildos. These are measured in diameter, across, not around.
It may be sewn, pinned, or you can add hook and loop to adhere it to the inside of any garment. Additional hook and loop strips available to put on other pairs of underwear to use Drop C ring.


EZ Bulge_ Now both versions

Don't want to wear a packer, allergic to silicone? Or want to have the bulge but not the weight of the packer.? We have the answer for you.
We now have both the initial versions of EZ Bulge. Brought back by demand. Some guys prefer the lighter version, with less of a penis profile. So we now have both. The new and more firm type of fabric covered foam pad as well as an increased/enhanced penis outline. Ver. 1 no fabric cover. See photos.
Perfect for swimming, dries quickly.. Available in black

Price: $19.95  Sale Price: $10.95  You Save: $9.00 (45%)


Impulse-Ribbed/studded 3pk Condom

Convenient 3 pack: Great condom for silicone, Keep everyone and your prosthetics clean and SAFE!!! Bare Pleasure Ribbed/Studded 3 pk condoms. These are beyond expiration date: So great for silicone but not for birth control.
This is top of the line: Well lubed with both ribs and studs for you and your partner's pleasure.
CondomDepot rates these at the top of the "World's Best Condom" list

Price: $2.99  Sale Price: $0.95  You Save: $2.04 (68%)


This item is currently out of stock

Refesh Toy/Packer Cleaner

Keep your favorite pleasure products clean and safe with this antibacterial cleanser. Our unique cleansing agent gently cleans and disinfects surface bacteria yet its mild enough to use every time.
Perfect size for next to bed or travel, for quick clean up.
Stay healthy, keep your partner healthy, keep your gear clean.

Price: $2.99  Sale Price: $1.99  You Save: $1.00 (33%)


Toy Cover

New item by Cal Exotic_Toy cover is a non lubricated condom like product that can be used with vibrators or more importantly used with any silicone PackNplay or Dildo's as you don't want to use lubricated condoms with silicone. There can be chemical interactions causing damage to your packnplay or dlido.
Comes in two sizes, small and standard. Small is for thin and shorter vibes or packnplays, Standard for all the rest.
Toy Covers have a non-reservoir tip. and come in packs of 3

Price: $5.49  Sale Price: $2.49  You Save: $3.00 (55%)


Toy Love Gel-Lube

Finally Lube made specifically to use with any toy, dildo, play device.
Take your toy-play to the next level with this cutting edge lube developed specifically for erotic toys. This rich and decadent Gel lubricant stays in place without running or mess. Its super thick texture conducts and enhances vibrations. The addition of Aloe is never sticky and leaves skin velvety soft.

Price: $14.95  Sale Price: $1.50  You Save: $13.45 (90%)


Wooden Storage Box-Packer/Dildo/gear

In their previous life, these were cigar boxes, but we've taken these very high quality wooden boxes, cleaned them up, added a clear coat on the inside, and a padded black foam based floor. As a extra deal, we are offering them close to cost so you can store your gear in one place for a great price. There are various sizes, and dimensions see photos for sizes.

Price: $39.95  Sale Price: $15.95  You Save: $24.00 (60%)

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