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We have experienced sewists to make your gear to your specifications. We also use high end professional materials, including professional grade elastic and actual Cock rings, thick and made to last, not thin Home Depot plumbing "O" rings that are inexpensive and will snap after a few uses of taking your packer in and out of the ring. If spending your hard earned dollars on products that will last is important, you've come to the right place. We set our standards high, we won't provide you items that we wouldn't use ourselves. Nothing goes out without being tested by members of the community who have given their feedback and thumbs up to the final design.

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This item is currently out of stock

Aqua Lube Personal Lubricant

NEW! Aqua Lube combines organic ingredients in a water-based,
Outstanding performance enhances pleasure for you and your partner. The leading choice for adding slippery fun the Natural Way! Can be used on any silicone prosthetic with it's water based formula.
2 oz Bottle-Great for travel or bedside. Easy clean up


4 available

Buck'd New Lube Injector

Buck's new Lube Injector which can be used with T lube or other lube bottle attached to the top. 2 different size attachments.
The Buck`d Lube Injector quickly converts most lube bottles into a lube or and makes lubrication much easier. The or which is great for trans men because of the dryness sometimes caused by the use of testosterone and the resulting imbalance in hormone levels. It`s also something that many women going through menopause can benefit from if they are experiencing vagina

Price: $15.95  Sale Price: $12.95  You Save: $3.00 (19%)


Condom/Lube packet

Latex lubricated condoms and premium lube from Jo Systems, asst colors and types. Budget priced, stock up! If you would prefer non-colored condoms, just put a comment on the order, and we'll substitute with regular condoms.

Sold as 1 pack: One pack includes one condom, one 3 ml packet of lube.


Cyber Packer Dust

Cyber-skin and silicone/silicone type products are a very porous material. Due to humidity, after you wash it, it will feel sticky when it dries. Let it air dry, do not use a cloth towel or any type of paper towel. You can keep it in a storage bag to keep it clean, but make sure it's totally dry before you do. Never store two packers together in same container. Chemical reaction of the silicone causes them to melt together.

Price: $3.99  Sale Price: $2.49  You Save: $1.50 (38%)


Cyber-Packer Dust 5 oz -Refillable

Treat your packer kindly. After washing and air-drying, lightly dust your packer with our organic potato and corn-starch dust in this handy shaker jar It comes with a shaker spice lid. This is for a 5 oz refillable shaker jar filled with our Cyber packer dust with an option of refill. We now have this refillable dust in Stainless Steel with open hole shake lid.


3 available

Foam N Fresh Anti-Bacterial Foaming Toy Cleaner

Playtime can get dirty but your toys should always stay clean. Foam ‘n Fresh is a healthier alternative to everyday soap and water. Anti-bacterial, triclosan and alcohol-free, this super powered foam is enhanced with Olive leaf, Thyme and Lavender extracts, making it safe for all toy materials yet dangerous to germs. Use every time it’s toy time to sanitize, freshen and protect your intimate investments. This skin-safe cleaner is a must have for every toy box.

Price: $14.95  Sale Price: $12.95  You Save: $2.00 (13%)


Light up your Junk-Harder/Bigger

Amazing Encounter lubricant is infused with Arginine to heighten pleasure and sensation to clitoris and g-spot. Formulate with Vitamin E and glycerin free Brings blood supply to your junk, making your harder, larger.
1 oz. easy to travel, keep discrete by bedside. A little goes a long ways, use one drop to get you going, creates blood flow and gets you hard. Water based easy clean up. Amazing Encounter is safe long lasting and gentle to skin. 100 percent vegan.

Price: $6.95  Sale Price: $4.95  You Save: $2.00 (29%)


This item is currently out of stock

Love Your Junk & Lube Set

A perfectly portable gift set for you or a special someone, includes two sensual Earthy Body favorites.
Clean, safe and ultra versatile, WaterSlide lube adds lot of slipperiness where it's most needed. Non-staining and odor free, Slide feels completely natural, jiving seamlessly with the body's own lubrication. Blended with carageenan (derived from seaweed), WaterSlide re-activates when in contact with natural moisture. This lubricant also contains purified water and is natural.


Love Your Junk: Arousal Balm

This is a great travel or bed sized tin of arousal balm. Just a dab on your junk will bring the blood supply and get you hot, engorged and hard!
Not compatible with Latex (condom)

Price: $7.95  Sale Price: $4.95  You Save: $3.00 (38%)


Max Size enlarger cream

Ever wonder just how big your junk could be? This potent dicklet enhancement formula will give you the larger size with or without pumping. Increase your size and boost your confidence effortlessly! It is a temporary enlargement as the cream enhances/brings blood supply to the area and causes engorgement of the tissue. This can assist with daily pumping regime to help stretch tissue that can lead to permanent growth.

Price: $11.95  Sale Price: $9.95  You Save: $2.00 (17%)


3 available

Me So Horny-Get Hard Cream

Increase sensitivity during sex, foreplay or self love with Me-So Horny Cream. When applied to your junk this aloe-enhanced cream stimulates blood flow to this all-important erogenous zone which in turn increases pleasure, and gets you hard. Contains .34 oz. (10ml) of cream. Just a drop on your finger gets you going, a little goes a long ways.

Price: $5.95  Sale Price: $3.95  You Save: $2.00 (34%)


Moist Personal lube

Moist Personal Lubricant , 1oz Travel size, or quick on the run play. Small tube, sealed until use. Water based fragrance free non sticking personal lubricant perfect for any encounter.
Moist Lotion is a friction-free, non-irritating, silky-smooth personal lotion that will turn your sexual encounters into delightful pleasures! Non-staining and water-based, this lotion is easy to clean up and can be used on your favorite bed sheets without worry. It's also latex and condom compatible


Packer/Dildo/STP Cleaner 4 oz

A little spray keeps your Packer/STP/Dildo's super clean, fresh, and ready for action. We offer 2 different Natural Cleaners.
Both are designed to fight bacteria and to prolong the life of your sensuous vibrating vibes, dildos, STP's and Packers. Both offer a cleaning formula that is supplied in a handy transparent plastic spray bottle.
Unscented: $5.95
Light Citrus Scent $6.50

Price: $8.99  Sale Price: $5.95  You Save: $3.04 (34%)


Packer/STP/Dildo Storage pouch

Everyone needs at least one of these to keep your silicone locker items clean and dry! Ripstop nylon pouch where you can store one packer, dildo, STP, 3in1 or 4in1, in between use or use as a safe secure travel pouch if you order with velcro or string closure. You should never store more than one item of silicone per bag, they have a chemical reaction to each other and this causes the silicone to "melt" where the two touch.


9 available

PinKCherry Water Based Lube

Need to add some sexy slip 'n slide to a favorite toy? Looking to eliminate uncomfortable friction during sex? Want to supercharge your foreplay? This spectacularly versatile lube does it all and more!
Perfect partner for you pump.

Price: $6.95  Sale Price: $4.95  You Save: $2.00 (29%)


This item is currently out of stock

Refesh Toy/Packer Cleaner 4 oz

Keep your favorite pleasure products clean and safe with spray-on cleanser. Unique cleaning agent gently cleans and is mild enough to use every time.
Perfect size for next to bed or travel, for quick clean up.
Stay healthy, keep your partner healthy, keep your gear clean.
4 oz

Price: $8.99  Sale Price: $5.95  You Save: $3.04 (34%)


Screamin O Climax Cream

Get hard quicker! Take pleasure to new heights with a unique all-natural formula that helps you/your partner reach orgasm quicker and easier. Tasteless, odorless and easy to use, Screaming O Climax Cream is the natural choice for sexual enhancement. Enhances sensual pleasure and increases size of your junk
Apply a pearl size drop to your junk and gently rub in. The longer you rub, the harder and more aroused you get. A little goes a long ways.
Test on other area for sensitivity

Price: $9.95  Sale Price: $5.95  You Save: $4.00 (40%)


3 available

Splooge-Cum like lube

A super slick hybrid lubricant with all the long lasting smoothness of silicone plus the simple, mess free properties of a great water based formula, Doc's Splooge Juice not only provides tons of slippery texture to sex, masturbation and toy play, but works fantastically well with the Bust It Squirting and Amazing Squirting Realistic Cocks.
Double the volume:
For a perfect texture virtually indistinguishable from the real thing, mix one part Splooge Juice and one part water before fillin

Price: $15.95  Sale Price: $10.95  You Save: $5.00 (31%)


2 available

Spot On-Hard On

Spot On Stimulating Gel. Yes folks, this will get you hard. Just a drop on your junk, and BAM! Blood supply surges and warms up, making you larger and harder than ever. A little goes a long ways. To apply this odorless, tasteless, natural-ingredient packed gel, just dab a small amount to a finger (either yours or your partner's), and rub it in. Wait for it........

Price: $9.95  Sale Price: $6.95  You Save: $3.00 (30%)


This item is currently out of stock

T- Lube and NEW! Lube Injector

Buck Angel's T-Lube is a water-based personal lubricant, which was created specifically for trans men. He worked with the Sliquid folks to create a formula that works specifically with our bodies and it's responses to T.
Use on your own body and/or on your dildo.
Comes in one size. Large 4.3 oz bottle with easy to dispense top. Or add the new Buck'd Lube Injector at reduced price.

Price: $14.00  Sale Price: $11.95  You Save: $2.05 (15%)


3 available

Think Clean Thoughts Foaming Toy Cleaner

Keep your pleasure products clean and your body safe! This antibacterial, concentrated foaming toy cleaner contains active anti-microbial ingredients proven to kill 99.9% of all germs, and it is mild enough to not cause irritation.
The best thing about foam is that it stays where you put it. No drips or mess from liquid sliding down your toy.
5 oz

Price: $12.95  Sale Price: $9.95  You Save: $3.00 (23%)


1 available

Toy Love Gel-Lube

Finally Lube made specifically to use with any toy, dildo, play device.
Take your toy-play to the next level with this cutting edge lube developed specifically for erotic toys. This rich and decadent Gel lubricant stays in place without running or mess. Its super thick texture conducts and enhances vibrations. The addition of Aloe is never sticky and leaves skin velvety soft.

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