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We have experienced sewists to make your gear to your specifications. We also use high end professional materials, including professional grade elastic and actual Cock rings, thick and made to last, not thin Home Depot plumbing "O" rings that are inexpensive and will snap after a few uses of taking your packer in and out of the ring. If spending your hard earned dollars on products that will last is important, you've come to the right place. We set our standards high, we won't provide you items that we wouldn't use ourselves. Nothing goes out without being tested by members of the community who have given their feedback and thumbs up to the final design.

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I quickly respond to all product/order related questions via email  7 days a week. If you don't get a response the same day/within 24hrs, it means I didn't get it, please send it again. Please don't attempt to hit "reply" to your confirmation receipt as  it will bounce due to the receipt coming from the store/our webhost. Please send it to one of the addresses listed below  We pride ourselves on our customer service, everyone deserves speedy response time to inquiries.




TranZwear > For Parents Of FTM Children/teens
Welcome Parents
Along the way of offering our products, we have been approached by various parenting groups, therapists and/or individual parents about products for their FTM children/Tweens/Teens. We have responded to the requests for items that are age appropriate. Please find the items below as some of the products we have brought in to help your child with his transition. Because we are small company, we can customize each of our items to individual needs. Please email us with any questions or comments about what products we offer or you are looking for.  Please check back often for new products.
We are more than happy to put together a "starter" kit for your child, the items most likely will be a good start to help him feel more confident in his skin.

As you most likely know or assume, all of our products in/on this category for you and your kids are to assist them with their medical transition, and in no way are intended to sexualize your child or to be presented as items for sex. By offering these products, we strongly support the medical community, therapists and families in choosing the correct and best items that make sense for your child and your family. We want your child to feel confident in their body; at home, school, and playground, to fit in and be strong advocates for themselves no matter where they are or whom they come in contact with. We are honored you are choosing Tranzwear as a partner to assist you and your child on their very important journey. Please feel free to email us with any questions or concerns, we are happy to assist.  Check out our "Other site" page for resources for your family.

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BestBoi Packer

New XSM packer- The BestBoi Uncut packer is perfect for those who want a presence/bulge in their boxers, but don't want the weight and huge bulge that many packers offer. It's more age/size appropriate for the under 14 crowd than some of the smaller "adult" packers. The shaft is not separated from the testicles. It's all one unit, easy to pack with, just drop into packing insert. Peach and Caramel available colors.
Dimension : 3.5" long incl testicles, 3"wide at base

Price: $25.95  Sale Price: $21.95  You Save: $4.00 (15%)


STP -Model E Age/Size Appropriate

We are happy to announce a new STP on the market that will fit the younger set. Model E by Form & Function LLC. Depending on the size of your child, we suggest this to fit in the age range of 6-11 This STP is easy to use, leak proof (once the practicing in shower is said and done) and comes in 3 colors and either circumcised or uncircumcised ($3 extra for Uncut).

Price: $65.00  Sale Price: $57.00  You Save: $8.00 (12%)


AllnOne Sport Harness

Works for Packing, STP and Play.The All in One Harness is made with a braided knit elastic for the best strength and comfort. The waistband features a 1" inch braided elastic and 3/4 inch knitted leg straps to provide support whether you are packing, playing or using STP. This harness works well w/o ball cage with our new Custom STPs -Order leg straps to work with STP. or Dildos without ball sac.

Price: $25.95  Sale Price: $19.95  You Save: $6.00 (23%)


Basic Spoon STP- Set Up

This item is a basic spoon STP without the packer. It is made from medical-grade, latex free flexible tubing and a soft plastic, wide-mouth spoon receptacle. The tubing is 1/2" OD and 8" long and may be cut to suit your individual needs. No glue is used in the construction of this set up.


Best Boy Bump for the little guys

We have a new product made especially for the younger kids. This is made from premium platinum grade silicone, can be worn in underwear or swim briefs with a sewn in Jock Pocket pouch insert made especially to hold this little guy in place. This BestBoyBump allows your child to have a the age/size appropriate bulge without worrying about a larger packer or heavier silicone.


Boxer Briefs- by BulletBriefs

Cotton/poly blend. Available in black, grays and other colors. . This item is for one pair of underwear with an added packing insert made by BulletBriefs. Choose color in comments and if we are able we will fill with choice. We purchase a variety of brands to use for this item and receive a variety of colors.

Price: $16.95  Sale Price: $10.95  You Save: $6.00 (35%)


BulletBriefs Boxer Briefs- Kids sizes

Classic cotton cotton/poly blend boxer briefs. Some with black waistband, some with similar color as boxers. Some styles/sizes have no front fly access. This item is for one pair of underwear.
These come in variety of colors, brands, no guarantee exact color choice.

Price: $16.95  Sale Price: $10.95  You Save: $6.00 (35%)


Calvin Klein Boxer Briefs-Kids sizing

These are child sized/style boxer briefs, and NOT MADE FOR ADULT bodies. Please don't order if you are over 16. You will be disappointed with the fit. They are sold in the boys department at Macy's. We have Calvin's listed in the Boxer Brief tab on the site. The Calvin Klein Boxer Brief gives you a classic-short style boxer brief. It's made from cotton/spandex blend fabric that feels soft against your skin. It provides a smooth, clean fit with a supportive feel.

Price: $19.95  Sale Price: $14.95  You Save: $5.00 (25%)


Chico and Nino Packers

Two new packers now available. We're now producing two new kid age/size appropriate packers in two colors. Less pronounced so that your young child can confidently pack yet have a natural sized bulge. These were designed for the 4-12 year old in mind. We have the Duke for the next pre teen/teen age group. Keep in mind, you need packing underwear, as you run the risk of the packer falling out and not sitting naturally in regular underwear.

Price: $25.95  Sale Price: $19.95  You Save: $6.00 (23%)


Compression shorts for Youth

These are child sized, for kids, not sized for adults. Compression shorts, spandex, made to wear under gym or other shorts. Comes with secure Jock Pocket insert to keep packer enclosed within pouch, sewn in C ring on inner wall for shaft drop.
We carry a variety of name brands, some have slightly padded hip, thigh areas for contact sports but can be worn like regular compression shorts. Our choice due to limited supply.


Custom Packers Child/Pre/Teen- Exclusive for TW

We are proud to offer the Tuck and TeenyBopper packer. The Tuck is for pre/early Teen, 10-13. TeenyBopper Packer is for 12-18, young adult. These are limited to stock on hand as this manufacturer no longer is in business and we are bringing in new designs of our own.

Price: $39.95  Sale Price: $19.95  You Save: $20.00 (50%)


Duke Packer/STP

The Duke packer skin is smooth, and soft. The Duke is designed to have a natural "hang".
We brought this design in as age/size appropriate for pre-teens, teens, young adults and for those just starting out with the use of packers. It gives you a natural profile that you can be comfortable and confident wearing as a packer 24/7.

Price: $49.95  Sale Price: $25.95  You Save: $24.00 (48%)


Extra Small Newt-silicone packer

These are extra small packers for under 5 yr old. May have extra bubbles or color not perfect. The Extra Small Newt is made with 100% platinum silicone. This is our smallest packer and is intended for young trans youth under 6. It is available in a soft texture only.

Price: $22.95  Sale Price: $9.95  You Save: $13.00 (57%)


EZ Bulge_ Now both versions

Don't want to wear a packer, allergic to silicone? Or want to have the bulge but not the weight of the packer.? We have the answer for you.
We now have both the initial versions of EZ Bulge. Brought back by demand. Some guys prefer the lighter version, with less of a penis profile. So we now have both-. Ver2 is the new and more firm type of lightweight foam as well as an increased/enhanced penis outline.
Perfect for swimming, Lightweight foam, dries quickly.. Available in black or white

Price: $19.95  Sale Price: $10.95  You Save: $9.00 (45%)


Fenis- STP

A new to the US Stand to pee device, now available thru TranZwear. Simple, no leak, soft silicone device that can be used, then rolled up and stored easily for the next use. Easy to clean. We now stock the Fenis and Mr Fenis, a penis shaped Fenis. We stock colors, Peach and Olive, and in the Mr Fenis, Peach Olive and Tan.
The Fenis is 7 inches long , circumference is 4", it can easily fit in a bag, pocket or case

Price: $19.95  Sale Price: $17.95  You Save: $2.00 (10%)


Floater Boxer Brief (XS-2XL)

The Floater design allows your packer to move freely on the inside of the brief, allowing easy positioning and adjustment.

Price: $13.95  Sale Price: $9.95  You Save: $4.00 (29%)


Gym shorts

Black mesh gym shorts, comes with secure Jock Pocket insert to keep packer enclosed within pouch, sewn in C ring on inner wall for shaft drop. May not be exactly as photo. Photo portrays type and material of short, not necessarily all Champion. We carry a variety of brands for this short.


Model D Sport STP by FormFunction

The Model D SPORT is a compact version of the Model D. With the same shaft and head as the Model D, the SPORT measures 4.25in/10.8cm from the top of the front lip to the tip of the head. We have this as size/age appropriate for our older teens and young adults.

Price: $78.00  Sale Price: $69.00  You Save: $9.00 (12%)


Mr Fenis- STP

We carry the Mr Fenis in 3 vibrant colors, Peach, Olice an Tan, and it is less than 8 inches long and will easily fit in a bag, pocket or case on the go.
Olive is the closest color for Caucasian skin. Designed to bridge the physical gap between the way trans men and cis men urinate, Mr Fenis is a unique stand-to-pee device allowing trans men to urinate in a standing position and control the direction of the flow, similar to cis men.

Price: $32.95  Sale Price: $25.95  You Save: $7.00 (21%)


Number One STP

This is the first product that was made by Number One Laboratory. It remains unchanged and continues to be an excellent solution for many. Creates a great seal and easy to use at urinal.

Easy to use and easy to clean the Number One is small enough to tuck inside briefs or carry along. Can be used with the Jock Pocket insert by BulletBriefs within boxer or briefs with fly.

Price: $55.95  Sale Price: $49.95  You Save: $6.00 (11%)


Packer/STP/Dildo Storage pouch

Everyone needs at least one of these to keep your silicone locker items clean and dry! Ripstop nylon pouch where you can store one packer, dildo, STP, 3in1 or 4in1, in between use or use as a safe secure travel pouch if you order with velcro or string closure. You should never store more than one item of silicone per bag, they have a chemical reaction to each other and this causes the silicone to "melt" where the two touch.


PackNStrap Pack Start Harness

Our Pack Start Harness features a light-weight elastic waistband, with a hanging c-ring, with or without a ball cage. Need a ball cage with Sailor packer. This design does not have leg straps. The 1-1/4" c-ring is positioned about 4 inches below the top of the waistband. Basic harness, no frills, yet secure way to pack with confidence. This harness is made with a 1" waistband, you can increase the width of the band for an add'l cost.

Price: $12.95  Sale Price: $10.95  You Save: $2.00 (15%)


PackNStrap Packing Harness

Our Pack N Strap Packing Harness features a wide, comfortable waistband with sturdy leg straps. An elastic strap supports a rubber c-ring suitable for a soft pack. The 1-1/4" c-ring is positioned about 6 inches below the top of the waistband so that the packer sits on the upper pubic area.


Sling Harness only -for Model E, D, A STP's

The Slingshot Harness is designed to be worn with Model E, D, Model D Sport, and Model A by FormFunction. This holds the STP in the right location to connect to your body for urinating.

Made with thick and plush high quality elastic and a breathable micro weave. The Soft Slingshot is completely washer and dryer safe.

Price: $28.00  Sale Price: $22.00  You Save: $6.00 (21%)


Sling Harness only -for Model E, D, A STP's

The Slingshot Harness is designed to be worn with Model E, D, Model D Sport, and Model A by FormFunction. This holds the STP in the right location to connect to your body for urinating.

Made with thick and plush high quality elastic and a breathable micro weave. The Soft Slingshot is completely washer and dryer safe.

Price: $28.00  Sale Price: $22.00  You Save: $6.00 (21%)

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